Growing up in my native Lorraine, my curiosity and my desire for discovery very quickly pushed me to travel across borders. My interest in the cultural diversity that makes up our world first led me to study languages. Graduated with a degree in Spanish philology and then a master's degree in French as a foreign language (FLE), I became aware of the power of words and the importance of communication between human beings. My passion for photography has taught me that images, sometimes even more than words, enable this communication and convey ideas and values. With this combination of two essential means of communication, I therefore went from linguist to photographer.
Today professional photographer based in Montpellier in Occitanie, I put my skills and my experience at your service. To immortalize your events, create a photo book, a professional portfolio, corporate images, photograph your creations or even architectural or real estate achievements. I study your project and your needs in order to best meet your expectations.