Emmanuel Macron - Sécurité Civile de Nîmes-Garons

President Emmanuel Macron visited the Nîmes-Garons civil security base on May 3, 2023 in order to evaluate the firefighting systems.
Accompanied by senior officials from the emergency services, the French president was welcomed by operational teams of firefighters, pilots and civil security professionals engaged in preventing and fighting forest fires.
During his visit, Macron took the time to closely observe the specialized planes and helicopters parked on the base, discussing with the pilots and technicians the operational capabilities of these aerial assets, which are crucial in the fight against fires.
In a speech delivered to the teams present, the president expressed his recognition of the dedication and professionalism of the speakers, emphasizing the crucial importance of their work for the preservation of natural spaces and the protection of populations from the risk of fire.
This visit takes place in a context where forest fires have been particularly worrying in recent years in France, highlighting the need to strengthen response and prevention capacities against these catastrophic events.
President Macron underlined the government's commitment to supporting these efforts by investing in cutting-edge equipment, reinforced training and increased coordination between the different relief and civil protection agencies.